"Fortnite: Battle Royale" is set to have another event in the next week as Season 5 approaches its end. Previously, we saw a birthday event roll out during the first anniversary of the release of "Fortnite," which consisted of different challenges and many special prizes. "Fortnite" made the announcement on its Twitter account that the game will be getting a new event, called High Stakes, during the first week of September. The full content of the event is currently unknown. Many people were wondering where the purple cube was going.

New game modes and cosmetic items

High Stakes is a new event which will add more challenges, skins, and cosmetic items to the game. Additionally, Epic Games also teased a new Limited-Time Mode called the Getaway. Judging from its name, the new LTM might be "Fortnite's" spin-off Capture The Flag mode, which will either be a Squad challenge or a 50v50 challenge. First gameplay of the Getaway LTM is going to be revealed during "Fortnite's" Twitch stream that is going to start at 6 PM PT on September 2.

According to Metro, the new High Stakes event is going bring a brand new Wild Card skin that will be available in the item shop for purchase.

The skin comes with four unlockable head styles with different mask designs. The new challenges in this event will reward players with new prizes. This new skin comes with a set of Cuff Case back bling, a Safe Cracker glider, and a Crowbar pickaxe.

The next update will also add the Grappling Hook weapon to the game, which was revealed quite a while ago.

Changes in patch 5.40

The upcoming "Fortnite: Battle Royale" will bring massive changes to the storm mechanics. During the final phase of a match, the storm will start to destroy structures made by players. This way, the match can't be won while by a player playing passively. Although only ten percent of the matches make it till that point.

The Dev update, presented by Eric Williamson, also mentioned that the game will be vaulting the revolver. It doesn't necessarily mean that it'll be gone forever, but they are doing so in order to keep the item pool fresh.

A new mobility item will also be added to the game in the next update, and it is rumored that this item is going to be the Grappling Hook. The remote explosive item's rarity will be changed Rare to Epic, Boogie Bombs max stack size has been increased to two, and Big Shield Pot max stack size has been increased to three. According to the Daily Express, the exact date of release hasn't been revealed yet, although it's likely that the new update is set to be released on Tuesday, September 4.