The Paradise Palms location on the "Fortnite" map recently got struck by lightning numerous times. The frequency of the strikes started to increase, and finally, this resulted in the appearance of a mysterious purple cube.

The appearance of the cube

The rift in the sky, which was the source of the lightning, was closed after a huge lightning strike that resulted in the emergence of the giant cube. Most players were probably aiming for a Victory Royale and didn't notice this event when it occurred, but fortunately, some players were able to capture the event.

Here's how the purple cube appeared at Paradise Palms:

After the cube appeared, players were curious to find out what was inside the cube, but the strange object is literally indestructible. As soon as a pickaxe connects, the wielder is thrown back, and if a player shoots at the cube, it zaps the person standing closest to it.

The cube can also help you in a tight situation by regenerating your shield when you stand close to it.

The cube is moving

After hearing from a couple of friends that a giant cube appeared at Paradise Palms, I quickly logged on to "Fortnite" and rushed to the cube's location, only to find out that the cube was missing.

Later on, I found out that the mysterious cube moves from its location after some time. According to Forbes, the cube moves from its location after one hour and 43 minutes.

At first, players thought that the cube was heading directly for Salty Spring, but the cube has changed its path a bit in the last few hours and now it's heading straight to the middle of the map.

The cube crushes whatever object lies in front of it. You can keep track of the cube while playing the game and it can be spotted when you parachute from the sky. Epic Games hasn't officially revealed where the cube is going but more could be revealed before the end of season five.

Forbes compiled a list predicting when the object could move.

See the list below for more details:

Monday, August 27

  • 1:34PM ET
  • 3:17PM ET
  • 5:00PM ET
  • 6:43PM ET
  • 8:26PM ET
  • 10:09PM ET
  • 11:52PM ET

I have only included the listing for the rest of the day because nothing has been officially confirmed yet regarding the object and its movement. These kinds of events are expected because last season ended with a rocket launch that opened a rift in the sky. Let’s see what Epic has in store for the end of the current season.

What do you think of this mysterious purple cube? Where do you think it's going to move next?