Epic Games has announced the High Stakes event for "Fortnite Battle Royale." This event will be released next week, and although the exact release date is not unknown, it will probably come at the same time as the patch 5.40. The patch should be released on Tuesday, September 4, but considering that the game developer has already postponed a few updates, it may come later in the week.

The event will bring some exciting things for players, including a new limited-time game mode, an exclusive skin, special challenges, and free cosmetic rewards for everyone who participates in it.

At the moment, no one knows exactly what this event will be about, but it could be Epic Games' way of introducing "Fortnite Battle Royale" players to season 6. It was recently revealed that players will receive two free cosmetic items and that these items will be exclusive to the event.

Free cosmetic items

Many players are excited to participate in this event since it sounds like something big is going to happen. Epic Games has revealed the upcoming items, and the exclusive skin looks really good. Additionally, players will be able to customize the skin. Just like The Visitor and Tomatohead, this skin will have a few different head styles players will be able to choose from.

However, it is currently unknown whether players will be able to get this skin for free or not.

The game developer announced that the High Stakes event would bring some special challenges, so players may be able to earn the skin by completing these challenges. However, this hasn't been confirmed yet.

On a positive side, players will be able to earn at least two free cosmetic items, a spray, and a pickaxe.

While not many players care about sprays, the pickaxe looks really good, and the fact that it's exclusive will make it even more valuable. It is important to note that the cosmetic item set will also include an exclusive glider, but there are no details on how to obtain it.

Patch 5.40

The High Stakes event will most likely be added with the patch 5.40 next week.

Besides the event, this patch will bring some big gameplay changes, including the storm damage to player-built structures in the final stages of the game. Additionally, players will get a new mobility item which will help them travel over the island much faster.

"Fortnite Battle Royale" is going to enter week 9 of season 5, which means that the sixth season is just around the corner.