Bungie is about to roll out “Destiny 2’s” next downloadable content, “Forsaken.” Alongside its release is the hybrid game mode of Gambit where Guardians can be pitted against each other with hordes of enemies in the fray. Players were also treated with a free pass on the upcoming game mode as it provided a glimpse of what to expect from it. However, Bungie has observed a lot of unbalanced teams during the Gambit preview and the devs are a bit irked about it.

Bungie’s Senior Designer and Gambit Feature Lead Robbie Stevens recently took to Twitter to address such observations.

Per Stevens, he stated that they are aware of the unbalanced teams caused by players leaving matches during the free Gambit pass. That said, he also stated that by the time “Forsaken” officially goes live, this September 4, a so-called join-in-progress will be enabled for the game mode. Also, he further explained that players will be slapped with quitter penalties whenever they leave a match.

Stricter rules will be enforced

Comicbook also noted that the game will have stricter rules directed towards cheaters as they will be issuing account bans to players who’ll be proven “to have benefited from opponent disconnects” at a very unusual rate during Season 3. The publication went on stating that it will include “voluntary disconnects” (gaming the system) where Guardians are being matched up with the same opponents repeatedly.

Guardians’ two cents

Players, on the other hand, have mixed opinions about Steven’s recent tweet.

A lot of them seemed to be okay with it as they’ve experienced team members leaving them behind. There are some who disagree with it as they point out that Gambit is not a competitive game mode. Others are musing on how Bungie would implement such feature since quite a number of players are getting kicked out due to connection issues.

For the uninitiated, Gambit is an upcoming game mode that is slated to go live alongside the “Forsaken” DLC. It is a combination of both PvP and PvE as it will showcase two teams of four Guardians each. Both will have to battle it out and eliminate the enemies within the area and then each other.

The game mode requires the “Destiny 2” base game for fans to play it. Folks who are on a PlayStation 4 console can get the game for free this month provided that they are also subscribed to PlayStation Plus. As mentioned, the “Forsaken” DLC will be rolled out this September 4.