"Fortnite Battle Royale" players are entering the final stages of season 5. This Thursday, the fifth season will enter its ninth week, which means that there are only two more weeks left before we get season 6. The next season was originally scheduled to be released in late September, but Epic Games may decide to postpone it for October. Week 9 will bring new challenges, and they have already been leaked.

Just as it was the case before, there will be seven weekly challenges in week 9. Three of these challenges will be available to everyone, while only Battle Pass owners will be able to access all of them.

Additionally, there are three hard challenges which reward players with ten Battle Stars each, which means that it is possible to obtain 50 Battle Stars in total from all these challenges. Also, completing four of them will grant a Season XP bonus for players.

Free challenges

The first free challenge will require "Fortnite Battle Royale" players to deal explosive weapon damage to their opponents. Players will have to deal 500 damage to complete the challenge and earn the prize. The second challenge will be extremely easy as its only requirement will be to use an all-terrain kart (ATK). Apparently, players will only have to do it once, but there is a good chance that the game developer changes the requirement to more karts.

Finally, the treasure map challenge will be found in Shifty Shafts. Completing this challenge will yield ten Battle Stars, which equals to one Battle Pass tier.

Battle Pass challenges

Players will head over to Pleasant Park in week 9 as one of the Battle Pass challenges will require them to open seven chests in this area. This area will be a hot landing zone, just like Tomato Temple.

To complete the entire set of challenges, players will be tasked with eliminating three opponents in Tomato Temple. Considering that this place is already very popular, we can expect a lot of gunfights to happen here in week 9.

Another elimination challenge will have players use assault rifles and get five eliminations with them.

Automatic assault rifles are very versatile, so this task shouldn't be a big problem for many "Fortnite Battle Royale" players.

The final challenge will be a dance-off near Loot Lake. We don't have many details about this challenge yet, but it will most likely be similar to the disco ball challenge from season 4, which means that players will probably need a squad to complete it.