The latest updates for "Resident Evil 2" reveal a leaked photo of another fan-favorite character in the "Resident Evil" franchise. Reddit user u/zombieali posted a screenshot of Ada Wong's new look for the revamped sequel alongside Leon S. Kennedy.

Game director Kazunori Kadoi also cleared out rumors of a new enemy monster for the sequel. "RE2" was first announced at the Electronic Entertainment Expo and it retells the story of the T-Virus Outbreak in Raccoon City. Players will reassume the roles of both Leon and Claire Redfield as they solve the mystery behind it and escape the zombie-infested city.

Ada Wong returns for the revamped sequel

According to Dualshockers, the Reddit screenshot sees Ada and Leon together hinting at their first encounter in "Resident Evil 2's" story. Her character design has changed, sporting a brown trench coat, scarf, and shades rather than her red-themed cocktail dress. The website also pointed out that Capcom based Ada's new look on her old character concept art.

While Capcom has not made a comment regarding Ada's leaked screenshot on Reddit, video game fans are glad to see that she is back in the franchise as her storyline connections with Leon made the whole game a lot more interesting.

In the original "RE2" game, Ada was in Raccoon City the night of the T-Virus Outbreak as she tried to search for her husband, John, in the chaos.

She then met Leon and the two helped each other throughout the course of the story.

Unbeknownst to Leon, Ada was actually a corporate spy from a rival company who was tasked to get research data about the G-Virus. Her agenda was eventually exposed and was nearly killed by Dr. Annette Birkin, but Leon took a bullet for her. She saved his life and grew to care for him, hinting a romantic spark between the two.

After the incident, Ada returned in "RE4" as an agent of Albert Wesker trying to steal the Las Plagas parasite. She then became a freelancer and helped the BSAA and Leon against Neo Umbrella during the events of "RE6."

A new monster for 'RE2' debunked

According to Game Rant, Kazunori Kodai confirmed that he and the Capcom developers are not planning to add new monsters to the revamped "Resident Evil 2" as they want to keep it as close to the original PlayStation 1 game as possible.

The news may have disappointed some fans since they are hoping for a new challenge in the game. However, they will have a chance to reencounter old enemies such as Mr. X and the mutant alligator. The Gamescom gameplay demo featured a boss fight between Claire and a mutated William Birkin in the Boiler room underneath RDP HQ.

Capcom will launch "RE2" on January 25, 2019, for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.