"Fortnite Battle Royale" players are going to enter week 9 of season 5 on Friday, September 7. This means that there are two more weeks left in the current season and that Epic Games will be slowly introducing season 6 this month. It seems that the mysterious cube, which appeared on August 24, is going to be Epic Games' way of introducing the new season, and the cube will most likely transform the in-game island.

Players who have "Fortnite Battle Royale" installed on their mobile device can see where the cube is going, and its final destination will be Loot Lake.

There have been many theories regarding this area and its destruction, and it seems that the game developer has finally decided to do something about it. While the cube won't reach the lake anytime soon, it is almost certain that it will happen before October.

The cube movement

Ever since it appeared on the island, the cube has visited many different places. It appeared in the desert area, then it slowly moved to Fatal Fields. While in this area, the cube activated itself and created a low-gravity zone.

After creating the low-gravity field, the cube moved over the hill by Fatal Fields, then it dropped down to the river and moved to the hill between Shifty Shafts and Greasy Grove. This is where another low-gravity field was created, and players can still use it for some extra bounce.

Shortly after the second low-gravity area, the mysterious object moved by Tilted Towers, crossed the river once again, and did another activation by the mountain north of Salty Springs.

Future movement

As of September 6, the cube is located just outside of Dusty Divot, on its southwestern side. If "Fortnite Battle Royale" mobile players are right, the object will keep moving to Retail Row, then north to Wailing Woods.

After the woods, it will move west and pass Tomato Temple and the south side of Lazy Links.

The mysterious object will then move to the eastern side of Pleasant Park and go down south. After going around the hill by Pleasant Park, it will move to the east and reach Loot Lake where it will finish its final activation.

The "Fortnite" cube has traveled a long road in two weeks, and it has two more weeks to reach its final destination.

Twitter page FNBRLeaks has discovered an interesting file in the game data which indicates that the lake will be replaced by a volcano and lava. There is a good chance that his happens, and the new place could have lava in its name, possibly Lava Lake.