"Anthem" was one of the games shown off at E3 in June and it showed off the intriguing open world filled with all kinds of monsters/creatures, co-operative play, and jetpack flying characters in mechanical suits. The game definitely impressed gamers when it was shown off at the event.

It seems, to many, that it follows the same formula as open shared world game "Destiny 2," with different elements. Recent news has given a release date for when a playable demo will arrive and when the game will be on shelves. In addition, there was a trailer released that showed off more of the story, action, and the world.

Just as how this game looks impressive, so does a horror game called "The Forest," which will arrive on November 6.

Playable demo date

According to an article by Game Spot, "EA has announced that it will make a "VIP demo" for BioWare's Anthem available to EA/Origin Access subscribers on Xbox One and PC, respectively on February 1, 2019." Whoever pre-ordered "Anthem" will be able to play it on the PlayStation 4 too. Gamers will have to wait a while to get to play the game though.

"Anthem" lead producer, Mike Gamble, made a note that the demo will not be a beta or something of low value, but will be a "slice of our game." The game, meanwhile, will be released to the public on February 22, 2019, according to the article.

"Anthem" surely has a lot of promise with its freedom and action that was shown off at E3, although, a recent trailer showed off what is to come.

An article by Daily Star suggests that the studio has a lot riding on "Anthem," as its game, "Mass Effect: Andromeda," flopped. The upcoming game means a lot to the developer. "Anthem" sets its focus on varied environments and trailers show jungle-like areas with different weather effects.

There is plenty of exploration and a lot to do in the game, with a lot of customizable additions to characters.

The trailer

The story to a video game can be the most vital to selling copies and the developer understands that, but they plan on tweaking the formula a bit by making it more of a personal story. The player will have the ability to make choices that will impact them.

A recent trailer, called "Our World, My Story," showed some great gameplay of fighting various enemies and exploring the world. There are also said to be a lot of missions to accomplish and exploring the areas for ancient artifacts that could help along the journey. As stated before, decisions the player makes matter significantly and will likewise impact the story.

There is certainly a lot to look forward to, as Microsoft announced close to a week ago that a white Xbox One X is set to arrive in mid-November along with a copy of "Fallout 76."