A couple of days ago, Epic Games announced that they are going to delay the next update due to the last minute bug found in the update, so today is finally the day that the update hits all the devices. While we wait for the update to finish, Epic Games gave us an insight into everything that is coming with the next update.

Limited Time Mode: The Getaway info

This is probably one of the biggest game modes that players are waiting for in this update. Until now, we only saw short gameplay of this mode, and it wasn't really detailed. The patch notes finally explained every element of this new game mode.

First of all, the win condition is that the players will have to find a Jewel and take it to a Getaway Van before everyone else to win the match. According to the patch notes, Jewels can be found in special supply drop safes that will appear near the edge of the first storm. From the gameplay, we already know that the safes take a long time to open, so teamwork is really crucial in order to win this game mode.

There will be four Jewels on the map at all time, meaning that if a player escapes with a Jewel or if a Jewel is lost in the storm, another Jewel will replace it.

The player who picks up the Jewel will be visible on the map for 30 seconds; this mode is going to be really tough for players to win. To compensate for that, health and shield of the Jewel carrier will replenish over time.

There will be a total of four Getaway Vans on the map, three of the maps can be found early in the match, while the fourth one appears as the match progresses towards its end.

Finding the Getaway Van and the safe isn't going to be the hard part because they appear on the map at all times, but players will have to build up structures to reach the Getaway Van and then the Jewel carrier must interact with it to secure a Victory Royale.

Pursuit Supply Drops

If someone else gets their hands on the Jewel before you then it's OK because there are also going to 12 "Pursuit" Supply Drops appearing at the start of the match.

These supply drops carry long-range weapons, items, and are the only way to obtain Grappler in this mode. Note that only Rare weapons and higher will be found in this mode and Rifts, Rift-To-Go and Launchpads have been removed.

The Grappler will have 15 charges, and it will be discarded once those charges are depleted. You can chain multiple shots together to travel great distances.

Some considerable performance optimization and bug fixes are also going to be made for Android users in this update so that everyone can play smoothly. A big addition would be that players on smartphones can thank the bus driver as well.

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