The Guided Missile was reintroduced in “Fortnite Battle Royale" after Epic Games announced that they’ve already made the necessary nerfs with the once deemed OP weapon. However, players are beginning to notice a bug with the weapon, as they claim that its aiming feature has gone bonkers.

“Fortnite” players u/Mobely and u/red_door37 both experienced the same bug while using the Guided Missile and they claim on their respective Reddit posts that the weapon’s aim is seriously bugged as of late. According to them, the missile randomly re-aims itself after it is launched.

It was recently stated that the Gyro aiming for Switch would be fixed.

U/Mobely stated in his post, that out of the 10 rocket launches that he made using the weapon, he noticed that three of these went in a different direction after it was launched. He further explained that he has to be in an open area of the map before he could use the weapon. Otherwise, there’s a possibility that he might blow himself up.

Another case of the re-aiming issue

U/red_door37 learned the weapon’s bug the hard way, as the issue occurred a few times while he tried firing it within a 1x1. He stated that after the missile was launched, the projectile immediately did a 180-degree turn toward him and ultimately blew up inside the 1x1.

The Redditor added that the issue was not caused by any lags. This might be pointed out by other members of the subreddit.

Shooting inconsistencies while switching weapons

Another weapon issue that was recently brought to light was the shooting inconsistency after switching weapons.

A couple of Redditors from the FortniteBR subreddit (u/cozing and u/cohen_dev) posted a clip of “Fortnite” streamer SypherPK (@SypherPK) showing the bug. Spike Trap bugs were also addressed by Epic Games recently.

Per Sypher’s video, he showed how the bug can be replicated by repeatedly switching between his AR and SMG. The weapons worked just fine, at first, but there was a part of the clip where the SMG just stop shooting.

He ran another test only to see that his AR is not shooting this time around. Epic Games has yet to address this issue.

Meanwhile, the new update is expected to go live today (August 14) alongside the Heavy Sniper Rifle. Leaks have suggested that it will arrive in Epic and Legendary variants, as data miners stated that it will be a beast of a weapon as soon as it is released in BR. There was even leaked footage from @FNBRLeaks showing how powerful the new sniper rifle is.