The latest updates for the PS4 exclusive "Spider-Man" video game reveal Miles Morales and Peter Parker working together. Sony streamed the game's launch trailer and it featured more action-packed scenes, and breathtaking gameplay graphics and animation.

Insomniac Games also talked about the reinvention of Peter's love interest, Mary Jane Watson, in the story. The new "Spidey" game will feature Peter balancing his life as both civilian and superhero as he faces a new threat in New York in the form of Martin Li (Mister Negative) and the Demons. He will also contend with old foes and the city's new mayor, Norman Osborn.

Spider-Man launch trailer streamed

According to Screen Rant, Sony PlayStation streamed the launch trailer for "Spider-Man" as the video game and Marvel fans are hyped to see the web-slinger in action when it launches on September 7 for the PlayStation 4 console. The trailer also featured new interactions between Peter and Miles as they work together to save New York from Martin Li and his criminal organization.

In the "Spider-Man" game, Miles is described as a robotics genius in Midtown Highschool and his intelligence is hinted to rival Peter's in his age. He is a huge Spider-Man fan and he saw him saving civilians from being crushed by a helicopter in the early game demos. He also volunteers to help at the homeless shelter alongside Peter's aunt, May Parker.

Miles and Mary Jane Watson are recruited by Peter to help him stop Martin Li, as he feels that he can't do it alone with Norman Osborn and Silver Sable hunting him down.

While it is unknown if Miles is a playable character in the game similar to Peter and MJ, Comic previously reported that he could help Spidey create and upgrade his gadgets.

Changes to Mary Jane Watson's character

According to Game Informer, Insomniac Games writer, Dan Pacquette, stated that Mary Jane is very crucial to game's storyline due to the close relationship with Peter. MJ is an investigative journalist in the Daily Bugle and tries to land a story involving the Demons and their mysterious leader.

Marvel comic book writer Chris Gage said that he and Pacquette wanted to evolve the character's perspective, and they were tired of seeing her as just a damsel in distress.

“When we started talking about having M.J. in the game, we didn’t want her to be the same character she was in the comics,” Paquette told Game Informer. “We really tried to focus on what would make her feel different. From there the conversation went to, “‘Okay, how to do we have a playable character who is more than just a sidekick?’”

Mary Jane's gameplay will involve stealth missions and take pictures of criminal evidence for the Bugle.