Fortnite’s” recent update will definitely bring in a ton of stuff as leaked cosmetics and other content were revealed as soon as the patch went live. The game will continue to introduce more of these in the coming weeks and Epic Games recently teased about an upcoming tweak regarding its matchmaking system which will help player pair against opponents.

A Redditor (u/bbacks26) came across with a tweet from “Fortnite’s” official page stating that the mouse functionality for the PlayStation 4 has been restored. While a lot of PS4 players are happy about such news, there are some, however, who believe that this just gives these players more advantage than PC gamers.

There is one who even commented that nobody should be using a keyboard and mouse on a PS4.

Devs on a new matchmaking system

Epic Games, on the other hand, noticed the Reddit post. The game developer then revealed that they are currently devising a new matchmaking technology that will pair players against other opponents based on their choice of peripherals. They went on stating that more intel about this matchmaking system will be available next week and they are hoping that most of the fans’ frequently asked questions will be answered.

Switch issue being addressed

In line with this, the game maker also made a response to another Reddit post by u/HCPmain regarding the Nintendo Switch’s Gyro-based motion aim being somewhat broken while playingFortnite.” The OP had a lengthy post where he explained the current issue that Switch players are experiencing as of late.

According to Epic’s response, they stated that they are now investigating the root cause of the problem, adding that they’re also working on improving the feature.

The recent post-match reward bug

Another issue was also experienced by players yesterday where they were somewhat barred from getting post-match rewards or even progression.

Epic further explained that the bug surfaced when the so-called Challenge Progress fix went live.

The developer claims that the issue only affected “Fortnite” players who acquired the Season 5 Battle Pass and who accumulated a few thousand XP points of the 200K XP or the 500K XP by the time update V5.2 was rolled out. However, players who reach passed the 200K XP mark but were still way too far to reach 500K before V5.2 dropped were not hit by this issue. Folks who met the 500K XP requisite were also not affected by it. Fortunately, Epic has rolled out a fix for this post-match reward issue adding that affected players will receive an in-game gift notification with a “make-good as compensation for lost rewards.”