Just like past updates, the “FortniteV5.2 patch also brought in some bugs and exploits in the game and some of them are deemed game breaking. Some of the very recent examples are the Spike Trap and cloth physics of the characters’ outfits and game developer Epic Games is addressing these ongoing issues.

A couple of players (u/Parkebob and u/Mynameisdiehard) recently took to the FortniteBR subreddit to show the community what’s wrong with the Spike Trap. Per the Redditor’s posts, both showed clips where the trap goes off but does not inflict any damage to the player in front of it.

However, the latter’s video clearly showed that the damage goes on the other side of the trap eliminating the other player behind it.

Blasting Pop previously reported about a streamer who used The Worm emote to dodge the Spike Trap. This may well seem to be already debunked as it is very much evident in Mynameisdiehard’s post as to where the trap’s damage is heading.

The Drift skin ‘conspiracy theory’

U/DarkOdeon also posted on the same subreddit about what he calls a “conspiracy theory” in the game’s outfits as he believed the bug that players are experiencing, as of late, is intentional. His post came alongside the Drift skin’s image where it does some sort of a split jump. However, its robe remained downward stiff making its pose similar to the logo on its back.

Epic addresses the issues

His post gained a massive number of upvotes (23k at the time of writing) as Epic Games took notice and responded to it. According to the game developer, they temporarily disabling physics for capes to prevent a crash that manifested in the game. They also assured players that the issue should be patched up in the next release.

The game maker also addressed the above-mentioned Spike Trap bug stating that they are now devising a fix for it as it is confirmed to do what they call a “collateral damage just on the other side of the wall.” At the time of writing, Epic has yet to provide an ETA for the Spike Trap's fix.

The Drum Gum is also bugged

A member of the subreddit also commented that aside from the Drift and Spike Trap issues, the Drum Gun is also bugged as the Redditor claimed that he tested all three of them.

Epic then asked that member if he has a clip showing the bug on the weapon adding that it should have been resolved due to “hotfixes not propagating through a small part of their server fleet that they were testing some new tech on.”