"Fortnite Battle Royale" players have entered the second half of the fifth season as week 6 started on Thursday. Even though it doesn't seem like half of the season has already passed by, many players are excited to see what Epic Games brings in the following weeks. If the latest leaks are to be believed, the video game developer is preparing some big map changes that will affect the in-game island.

Many players have read about the August 21 event, which is just a few days from now. However, it turns out that the developer is preparing another map change for August 19, and while this change may not be as big as the one two days later, it will modify one area on the map.

As season 6 approaches, we can expect many more changes to be released, and it's a great news that Epic Games will modify the map twice within two days.

The August 19 change

Twitter page FNBRLeaks revealed another interesting event that is supposed to come on August 19. According to the page, the event will be released on August 19 at 6 PM ET, but it's still unknown what it will do. There are a few theories about the event, but no one can definitively say what will happen.

As you can see from the tweet, the name of the event in the game files is "EventFlag.BR_S5_Oddity_Tomato_Tell" and, from this information, we can conclude a few things.

The first part of the name obviously refers to the fifth season of "Fortnite Battle Royale," while "oddity" indicates that this event will include another anomaly. The last part most likely refers to the Tomatohead that was on top of the restaurant in Tomato Town before it disappeared through the rift.

Considering that the rift is supposed to shrink on August 21, we can expect the August 19 event to release the Tomatohead from the rift.

The same Twitter page posted a theory that the Tomatohead could appear in Haunted Hills, most likely as a statue. However, this is simply a fan theory and there is no valid evidence that supports it. "Fortnite Battle Royale" players will have to be online at 6 PM in order to see what exactly happens.

Rift will completely disappear

The big rift in the sky is one of the biggest map changes in season 5, but it seems that it will completely disappear on August 21. It's currently unknown whether the smaller rifts on the island will disappear as well, but considering that Epic Games disabled them for a few hours on Friday, it won't be surprising if they do. This will certainly be an interesting period for "Fortnite Battle Royale" players, and the game developer is probably preparing something big for season 6.