"Fortnite Battle Royale" has recently received a huge map makeover for season 5. Patch 5.0 has brought some big changes to the in-game island, and while Epic Games still hasn't released a completely new map, the updated map feels fresh and innovative. Now, it seems that the game developer has more plans to keep the map updated, and it appears that another area will be destroyed very soon.

In season 4, Epic Games did a fantastic job releasing bi-weekly updates to the map. Dusty Divot, the area in the middle of the island, was the biggest focus of these updates, but the game developer also changed a few more areas.

It wouldn't be surprising if "Fortnite Battle Royale" players got constant map updates in season 5 as the game developer has already hinted at the destruction of Salty Springs.

Salty Springs could be gone in season 5

"Fortnite Battle Royale" patch 5.0 was one of the biggest updates ever released in the game. Not only did it bring with it the fifth season of the popular video game, but it has also added new items, a motor vehicle, and numerous map changes. Some of these changes include the desert biome in the southeast corner of the map and a Viking village in the west, but there are also some statues which may indicate a destruction of another area on the island.

The update added stone statues all over the island.

These statues are similar to the shrines Epic Games released at the end of season 2. They have several chests around them, which is why players sometimes decide to land on them and quickly grab the loot.

While these shrines were simply a way of celebrating the Lunar Year, the stone statues may have a bigger role in the game.

The statues are shaped like heads, and all are turned toward Salty Springs. This wouldn't be the first time that Epic Games hinted at the destruction of a certain area with subtle in-game hints, so we have a reason to believe that Salty Springs could soon be destroyed.

Reddit user ShadoukenGames has made an image which shows the locations of the stone heads and their orientation, which you can see in the tweet above.

Why Salty Springs?

Salty Springs hasn't received any major updates since the release of the game. It is one of the areas that has existed since the initial release and the game developer hasn't made many changes to it. Additionally, this is the area that has a secret base and one of the rifts was positioned right over it.

If there is one area that should be removed, or heavily modified, then it's definitely Salty Springs. Considering that Epic Games will keep releasing bi-weekly map updates, it won't be surprising if we see this area destroyed in the next few weeks.