Fortnite might be the most popular video game in the world, but the title, that reignited the Battle Royale trend in the first place, still isn't one people should be sleeping on. Player Unknown's Battlegrounds, better known as PUGB, continues to see incredible numbers no matter what platform you're talking about. Earlier this week, the game's developer announced it had hit the 100 million download mark on mobile platforms. That number includes both iOS and Android.

PUBG was the first of the big Battle Royales to land on mobile

As Gamespot points out, the 100 million download number is higher than even what PUBG Corp.

and publisher Tencent had established. That's because the companies don't count downloads in places like China, Japan or Korea. Those are rather large markets that might be able to get to half that million download number all on its own.

PUBG was the first of the Battle Royale games to take its act to mobile devices. That's after it was the first to start the resurgence on PC and then eventually landed on the Xbox One. Knowing all that, it might still surprise some to find that Fortnite is kicking PUBG's teeth in when it comes to total overall users.

The big difference between the two games is that Fortnite has also expanded to the PS4 and Switch. Player Unknown's Battlegrounds has an exclusive deal in place with Microsoft and the Xbox One.

To some degree, Fortnite lifted Battlegrounds' recipe for success and then took it to the next level. Both titles are currently on mobile and don't appear to be slowing down anytime soon.

Early Access Memories mode reminds fans where PUBG has been

One of the reasons that "Battlegrounds" is so popular is because the game's developers know just how far it has come since it first launched in early access on the PC.

Those developers are paying homage to the early days with the recent launch of a new throwback mode called "Early Access Memories."

The new mode restricts players to the first map ever released for PUBG. It also doesn't allow for specific weapons and vehicles that have come along in recent releases. This isn't going to be all that fun for players who just came to the title in the last few months and are fans of the new additions the developers have put in the game recently.

This new throwback mode is geared more to the players that picked up the game when it was first making its way through the PC gaming world. Those players are the ones that allowed PUBG to hit the latest mobile milestone.