"Fortnite Battle Royale" players are slowly approaching the end of season 5 as they are currently in the sixth week of it. On Thursday, August 23, the fifth season will move into week 7, bringing new weekly challenges and a few more changes to the popular video game. As this season is entering its final weeks, Epic Games will be releasing more exciting things to introduce season 6 and make a few map changes.

Just like before, there will be seven new weekly challenges separated into two categories. The first category will have three challenges available to everyone, while the other category will have four exclusive Battle Pass challenges.

Completing four of these challenges will reward players with 7,000 Season XP, while completing all of them will yield five Battle Pass tiers and a special Battle Star which gives another free tier.

Week 7 will be very important since it will be a final requirement for the special Road Trip skin. In order to unlock this skin, "Fortnite Battle Royale" players will have to complete all challenges in seven different weeks. Let's check what's waiting for players next week!

Free challenges

The first task in the seventh week will including visits to different named locations and their centers. In order to complete this, players will have to visit the center of four different named locations.

The second challenge will be quite simple, but it will require a few games to complete.

Players will be tasked with opening three supply drops, which can be done easily in Soaring 50's limited-time game mode.

Finally, the free tier will require "Fortnite Battle Royale" players to get three eliminations with a submachine gun.

Battle Pass challenges

The treasure map for week 7 will be found in Pleasant Park and it will reward players with 10 Battle Stars.

Additionally, next week will turn Lazy Links into a hot landing zone as players will be required to get three eliminations in this area.

The chest opening challenge for the seventh week will have players visit Lucky Landing. Just like in the previous weeks, the requirement for completing the challenge will be seven chests, so we can expect this zone to be crowded on Thursday.

In the end, there will be another headshot challenge requiring 500 critical damage. However, considering that this challenge was recently released, we can expect Epic Games to replace it before Thursday and release another challenge instead of it.