"Doom Eternal" was showcased in a gameplay trailer at QuakeCon 2018. Bethesda directors also spoke about the sequel. It looks like there will be new characters, improved old characters, and some were reimagined, like the arachnids, according to Gamespot. Polygon noted that there are six main changes to the upgraded version of the game.

Doom Eternal discussed by Marty Stratton and Hugo Martin

During the interaction with attendees, Marty Stratton and Hugo Martin gave away some info about the game at Quake-Con. The basic premise of the game has remained the same, and it's all about killing monsters.

Gamespot noted that "Doom Slayer will be the "strongest, most badass hero" id Software has ever created." Doom Slayer will also come with a hectic weapon that can take down demons with an explosive bolt. Known as the Ballista, it's just going to be one of a slew of new weapons for "Doom Eternal."

In other news, for players who love the bloody game, there will be a lot more of it. Destructible Demons is a new system that's been introduced to the game and the purpose of it will help players to "rip and tear" at enemies.

Six main changes to Doom External

As mentioned by Polygon, there are six main changes in the new "Doom" that gamers need to know. These include scenes of both Earth and Mars. On Earth, the streets are paved in flesh and the cities are pretty disgusting with buildings that have "teeth." There's not much left of them at all and these scenes are expected to be early in the game.

Seeing Mars and Mars' moon Phobos is awesome. It's thought that the early scenes like this will "bridge the gap" between Earth and Mars.

There is some "Doom Eternal" concept art and there's speculation that it might be a representation of heaven. As you can imagine, in "Doom", there ain't no green grass and butterflies. The next thing to note in the trailer is there is a new sword, like an upgrade of the Crucible from "Doom 2016." It's great for decapitating demons.

The trailer shows that everything seems fast paced and there are mobility options. There's a grappling hook that can help manoeuvre up buildings and take out demons with a satisfying squelch. The agile improvements help to get up close to the enemies, quickly.

With weapons, some are reworked and some are new. They all have amazing killing facility.

You can also now shoot a sticky grande with the grenade launcher. You can also switch weapons during the action which makes for a faster game with more firepower. Now, there's a shoulder launcher as well. It seems to look like a combination of a flame-thrower and a grenade launcher.

If you thought the previous "Doom" was graphic, this is even more so. You can watch your enemies actually start disintegrating and body parts fall off. You get to see the damage as you fight them, rather than having to wait until they are dead.

One of the most likely popular aspects includes the fact that there is a new multiplayer feature. It looks like they can arrive in your world as demons. Overall, it looks like it's as weird as ever, great fun, revolting and enthralling.

Trailer for Doom Eternal

The trailer for "Doom Eternal" can be viewed below.

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