Action-adventure stealth video game 'Dishonored 2' was released in 2016 and was well received by in the gaming community. However, it did not manage to achieve a cult status similar to the first title. The second game, like the first one, mainly told the stories of Emily Kaldwin and Corvo Attano. However, the game's creative director claims that if a third game is ever released into the franchise, it will likely include new characters.

New characters in next 'Dishonored' game

Harvey Smith, the creative director in Arkane Studios, claimed that the story arc of Emily, Corvo, the Outsider, Daud, and others will be completed through the upcoming DLC to 'Dishonored 2', titled 'The Death of the Outsider'.

Smith says that future 'Dishonored' should introduce new characters and a new story line, completely different from the one told over the first two entries into the series.

He feels that extending the stories of these characters would be unnecessary and the third game should not do so. Smith spoke to IGN at Quakecon regarding the upcoming story DLC to be released this year. This is the only DLC ever released for a 'Dishonored' game which surrounds around one particular assassination. This entire content will be build around Billie Lurk and the bid to take down the strange magical figure, known as the Outsider. The DLC will release for all three platforms on September 15 and Smith promised that fans of the series will get the epic finale that they have been waiting for.

Does this mean that 'Dishonored 3' is confirmed?

Many fans may wonder whether Smith was hinting at the new game in the series. However, the creative director is quick to point out that he has no information regarding the future of the franchise. He claims that if there is a third game in the series, it is his opinion that a completely new set of characters should be brought in to replace the ones featured in the first two games.

When pressed about his knowledge regarding when the next game in the series will be developed, Harvey mentions that there are no plans of such a game currently, but that it may happen in the future. He is hopeful that the 'Dishonored' franchise will endure the lackluster response to the second game. So, it seems that for now there is no news of a third entry into the series and fans will have to wait a few more years at least to get their hands on the next 'Dishonored' game if it is even developed by Arkane Studios.