Just like game bugs, exploits are almost a common thing in today’s games and Epic’s massive game - “Fortnite” is no exception. That said, players have recently brought to light a couple of these new glitches hoping that the developer would notice it and eventually have it fixed.

Redditor u/MONSTERDFACE recently posted a short clip over on r/FortniteBR of a Twitch streamer showing how he was able to dodge a Spike Trap just by using The Worm emote. It can also be observed that the emote was long enough to dodge the trap’s second strike as it can be seen that it went off a couple of times.

Comparison to Flippin’ Sexy

Other members of the subreddit compared The Worm to the Flippin’ Sexy as both emotes require the entire body of the character to be somewhat lying on the ground. A player also theorized that the streamer could have 200 health, though it clearly shows that both his shield and health already received some damage.

Build through walls

Another exploit that was also discovered just recently was this so-called “build through your own wall without a window.” WBG Cohdi (@COHDI) was one of the “Fortnite” players who came across with the exploit and posted it over on Twitter.

MonsterDface even posted a minute-long clip of this glitch on his YouTube channel showing how easily it can be done.

The YouTuber also claims that players can literally build through anything with any mats at hand, though he stated that traps will not trigger through the wall.

Going back to @COHDI’s tweet, it also featured a technique what he calls cone peeking. The post showed a couple of ways on how it can be done as he described it as cone peeking in full vision and “slightly less of a player’s head peeking.”

Some of the previously discovered exploits

Fortnite” players are pretty much aware by now about the exploit in Tilted where the so-called under the map glitch is still evident.

However, it was discovered in a different location in that area of the map. Prior to this, a similar glitch was also found at Tilted’s new building as some of the players took advantage of it back then.

Players might also remember the slurp juice glitch where the consumable continues to heal a character even if it’s already knocked.

There was even a video of the glitch showing a knocked down player and being shot at by other opponents several times. Epic has already issued a fix on this bug as this was included in the recent V5.2 patch.