Ubisoft, the maker of the widely popular tactical shooter game "Ghost Recon Wildlands," made a big partnership this week. The latest partnership involves the tech giant Apple. The two have teamed up for a planned new TV Series, which will be based on gaming and video game development.

As mentioned earlier by Variety, the planned TV Series has already received a "green light" go signal from Apple as part of the tech giant's ongoing effort to produce original content. The new TV show will focus more on today's modern game development. However, the planned new TV Series still has no title.

This new TV Series will be produced by Lionsgate-3 Arts Entertainment and Ubisoft, according to Variety.

Ubisoft’s latest update arrived

The latest Patch 1.23 introduced important bug fixes as well as new changes. Some of the changes made include changes to Archangels mission, adjustment in Valkyrie’s image, and some changes in Ghost Mode. The latest update also added something important to the shooter game, which includes the introduction of a short barrel on the HK416. More importantly, the latest update addressed and fixed major issues on the Iron Sight issue, save slot, Observer Mode, and many more.

Aside from the latest update, Ubisoft also detailed the roadmap for their future updates. The game is expecting two more big updates coming this year.

This will be the Operations & Maintenance update, which will be released this September. The other one is the Special Operations 3, which will arrive in December.

These two upcoming updates will focus on addressing bugs. It will also bring new features along with some improvements requested by "Ghost Recon" community. Stay tuned for more exciting updates.

Reddit user came out with some great ideas for the shooter game

In another gaming-related story, a Reddit user by the name of that_so_sucks has come out with some interesting gaming suggestions for the tactical shooter game. They even claimed that the suggested feature, which they named Contract, could help to improve the tactical shooter game.

This Reddit user made some detailed explanations of the suggested or proposed feature for the tactical shooter "Ghost Recon Wildlands."

According to the gaming website VGR, the suggested feature would involve some sort of daring missions such as assassination, sabotage, protection and more. Players would be required to finish a certain task or mission in order to continue another mission. The suggested new feature would also include the involvement of various organizations and big government agencies, such as the notorious Central Intelligence Agency. However, there's no indication that the developers will incorporate the concept in the game.

The Redditor, the suggested new feature could take place in the South American country of Bolivia. Fans can learn more about this proposed idea by going to the official "Ghost Recon Wildlands" subreddit.