Blizzard Entertainment announced a new patch update for "Overwatch's" newest hero, Hammond, in the Public Test Realm. Hammond is a Tank hero who rides a robot mech called "Wrecking Ball" and it is equipped with all kinds of deadly arsenals. The genetically-enhanced hamster lived in Horizon Lunar Colony on the moon and stowed away in Winston pod to escape the facility. He ended up in Junkertown and became the overall champion of the battle mech arena.

There are new details about the mysterious barcodes that are placed on Hammond and Brigette's armor as it may indicate some sort of secret event related to the game's ongoing lore.

Changes for Hammond in the PTR

According to Shacknews, Blizzard Entertainment deploys a new patch fix for Hammond in the "Overwatch" PTR on Thursday. The patch fix will only reduce the movement speed of his Grappling Claw ability from 22 meters per second to 20 meters per second.

Hammond's Grapple Claw has been a staple in the PTR as it allows players to swing from place to place inside the map and the opposing team has a hard time catching up to them. Players complained that Hammond's ability should be reduced to make him less maneuverable.

Blizzard Entertainment is also making changes to Sombra in the game. These changes include her ability to hack into Hammond's proximity mines for about ten seconds.

However, her hacking ability can be disabled when reloading. Her Stealth ability detect radius has been reduced from four meters to two meters.

Players can destroy Sombra's translocator with the interact key without even looking at it, but sound cue heard by enemies will be reduced. Blizzard will announce Hammond's inclusion in the roster for the consoles soon after they fix what is needed in the PTR.

The Barcodes in 'Overwatch'

According to PlayStationLifeStyle, Reddit username Karahe pointed out the mysterious barcodes that are popping out of "Overwatch" characters like Hammond and Brigette may indicate new skins, armor, maps, and loot boxes for the game.

The Reddit user added that game has become more of an ARG than a MOBA game.

The barcodes may symbolize letters that players must decipher to unlock whatever secrets that Blizzard is hiding for the video game fans. It could be a new character, a map, or another story event in the game's impressive lore.

Blizzard previously launched new game features such as endorsements and a join a team option to better improve the players' skills and team interactions. Symmetra has also tweaked some move sets in order to challenge players on how to use her during sessions.