Since "Overwatch's" previous update, released in February 2018, many people have been complaining about Sombra. Players complained that her hack is too powerful to play against, and now Blizzard has agreed to balance her abilities in the next "Overwatch" patch.

There will be two changes in the next patch, both of them will be related to Sombra's hack. The first adjustment is the hack's cooldown period for an interrupted hack. It will force players, that use Sombra often, to rely on their skills while using her hack rather than exploiting her ability and getting an uninterrupted chain of hacks.

The new hack cooldown time will be set to two seconds.

The second change is how enemies respond to Sombra's hacking. Just a moment before the hack is complete, enemies won't be able to cancel it with other effects. As Goodman said, "This exists so it doesn't constantly get broken by a very small Line Of Sight blocker such as light posts and signs."

In order to look for such small changes in the line-of-sight, Sombra's hacking update rate is getting sped up which will make it more responsive to check for all the fail conditions. With that being said, those players who found it hard to escape the hack and were getting hacked through walls can now play effectively against Sombra.

Sombra players may feel like she will be useless after the update, but that's not the case, Blizzard still intend to increase her overall strength and viability while balancing her ability so that she does not become overpowered.

The next patch might happen next week because "Overwatch" recently announced that players will be able to to get their hands on the 27th hero (Brigitte) and her awesome support kit on March 20. However, she will not be available on the competitive roster so soon because heroes generally join the roster after their live launch.

Take a look below at all the design work that went into Brigitte and her two launch skins.

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