The “Fortnite” hype train is on full throttle right now as in-game items continue to appear in real life and some can be found at different locations around the globe. With just a few more days before season 5 officially goes live, players are expressing their concerns about some bugs within the game that have plagued them for quite a while now.

A lot of these issues were brought to light by players over on the FortniteBR subreddit as most of them involved the use of traps, bouncers, and launch pads. Some of them even posted some clips showing players still using the under the map glitch that is without a doubt, game-breaking.

The jump pad failed him

One of the most recent Reddit posts came from u/2jah showing one of his gameplay clips. According to the video, his character was preparing to jump down towards a jump pad to get to another portion of the structure. Unfortunately, the platform did not work as intended and got his player eliminated. A staff member from Epic Games saw the post as he was assured that they’ll be looking into it.

The invisible wall cost him a match

Another equally popular post on the same subreddit was from u/Squop where it featured what the Redditor calls an invisible wall glitch. The lengthy gif image shows his character riddling an opponent with bullets.

However, just as the name of the bug suggests, it looks like there was some invisible barrier between him and the other player as his shots were not inflicting any damage. Only a couple of hits were registered before he got eliminated. At the time of writing, the post has gained over 6,000 upvotes from the community as members of the sub are hoping that this will be noticed by Epic.

Under the map glitch is still in the game

In line with this, the once thought to be removed bug, where players can go under the map and shoot unsuspecting players from below, is still in the game. One of the videos shows a player (u/mcgregorfan101) used “Fortnite’s” replay feature to locate where the shots were coming from.

Upon checking, it was discovered that a no-skin player was underneath the map waiting for the right time to attack. His time ran out though, as it can be seen that he got eliminated by the storm.

A similar clip was also posted by u/HLMV04, though this time, it involved the use of both the launch pad and the shopping cart. A soon as he stepped into the pad, he was immediately taken under the map but got eliminated since he landed in water.