Blizzard Entertainment has officially revealed the next playable hero in the "Overwatch" roster, Hammond. The hero was first teased in a short teaser video and has been confirmed as one of the test subjects in the Horizon Lunar Colony along with Winston. Hammonds a mechanized combat hamster ball called "Wrecking Ball" and his play style suggest that he is a Tank character in the game.

Lead game designer Geoff Goodman also announced in the official "Overwatch" forums" their plans for Sombra in the next patch update and these changes may affect her gameplay style during sessions and tournaments.

Hammond coming to 'Overwatch' soon

In the "Overwatch" lore, Hammond is genetically modified hamster created by the scientist of the Horizon Lunar Colony. He often comes up with schemes to escape the facility using his advanced intellect and cunning. When the base was on a crisis due to the gorillas rampaging around the area, Hammond managed to escape for Earth as a stowaway in Winston's pod. He ended in Junker Town in Australia and created his own robot, Wrecking Ball, to fight in mech tournaments.

According to Game Rant, Hammond will be a Tank based character who fights using Wrecking Ball, and it is equipped with a variety of weapons. He will have six in-game abilities in battle. His default ability is called Quad Cannons that lets him fire powerful turrets mounted on his mech.

The next one is called Roll, which enables him to transform Wrecking Ball into a huge ball and increase his maximum movement.

Grappling Claw allows Hammond to swing around areas and the speed collision allows him for damaging and knock back enemies. Minefield allows him to place explosive mines on the ground to create massive damage.

Adaptive Shield enables him to generate a defensive barrier around him. Lastly, Piledriver allows him to smash opponents to the ground and launch them upward.

Blizzard Entertainment is currently testing Hammond's gameplay in the current PTR session on the PC, and they will announce his release date for the consoles very soon.

Plans for Sombra

According to the "Overwatch" forums, Geoff Goodman and the development team are overseeing how they would push the duration of Sombra's Stealth and Translocator abilities in the game. Her Stealth ability allows her to become invisible for a short time but has increased speed that will enable her to sneak around enemies. Translocator allows her to throw teleportation devise to escape enemy hot spots.

Blizzard Entertainment plans to have Sombra's Stealth to have no duration and can stay invisible as long as she wants, but her movement speed will be reduced to 75 percent and cannot contest any objectives while invisible. Her Translocator can now be destroyed by enemies, so players must be crafty in placing them on the field.