Quite a lot has been leaked about “Fortnite’s” latest season in the past 24 hours and some of them were already introduced in the game. One of these is the new map where it now shows a couple of new locations and some unnamed POIs. However, if the game files are anything to go by, it may well seem that more changes are heading towards the map in the coming weeks.

Redditor u/Vuristo recently took to FortniteBR subreddit to show what he discovered within the game files. According to the screenshot posted, it looks like the game map could be getting snow assets in the near future.

The Redditor claims that the image was a set of audio files featuring sounds that a character would be making whenever he/she is in a snow-covered environment. The files suggest characters walking, landing, sprinting and crouching in snow. Unfortunately, the Redditor wasn’t able to open any of the files. That said, it’s still not certain as to when will these game assets be implemented in the game.

The pickaxe sound files

In line with this, Cross – Fortnite Leaks (@GameCentral_FBR) tweeted out several 3D renders of the new pickaxes in the game, namely the Viking pickaxe (the one found in the teaser poster), The Permafrost, and the Rift Edge.

Sounds of each harvesting tool can also be heard while viewing their 3D images.

Party Bus in the game files

Another data miner known as Sudanym (@sud4nym), also took to Twitter to reveal other stuff that is most likely to be released in “FortniteBR.

One of them hints that a new Battle Bus might be added into the game as it reads “PartyBus_Birthday.” Players believe that this could be in preparation for the game’s first anniversary since July is its birth month.

Max ammo in Playground 2.0

Fans are pretty much aware by now that the Playground LTM has been removed temporarily by Epic Games for them to make the necessary improvements on it as they’ve announced that they are planning to officially roll it out as a proper game mode. That said, the same leaker also dug up several game assets about the LTM. One of them seems to suggest that players have the option to put the ammo to its max settings. There's even a file that reads "ResourceCapModifier," though it's still not sure what it's about.

Meanwhile, @FNBRLeaks also noticed that the game’s so-called gifting file received new strings of command for the yet to be released feature. However, the data miner stated that he’s not quite sure as to how this feature would work in the game.