Season 5 of “Fortnite” is officially live and it ushered in new features and characters to the game. Data miners - who were waiting for the update to arrive, immediately scrambled to dig into the game files as they were expected to contain upcoming cosmetics and items in the third-person shooter.

The well-known data-mining duo of DieBuddies (@TwoEpicBuddies) promptly tweeted out the new skins that they’ve unearthed within the “Fortnite” game files. A couple of these new outfits/skins - the one sporting a Kitsune fox mask and the Dark Viking – will be similar to season 4’s Carbide and Omega as both of their armor pieces have to be earned by players.

There’s also a secret skin that is yet to be revealed.

New emotes, back blings, gliders, and pickaxes

New back blings, gliders and harvesting tools were also spotted by the data miners. Skydiving contrails were also found and the previously leaked Toilet Paper variant of this cosmetic was confirmed. Meanwhile, a total of 10 emotes were dug up so far. These include:

  • Backflip
  • Calculated
  • Finger Guns
  • Hip-hop S5
  • Hula
  • On The Hook
  • Stage Bow
  • Swipe It
  • Twist
  • You’re Awesome

Another data miner (@GameCentral_FBR), also took to Twitter to reveal a footage for the Swipe It Emote. Other cosmetic names including their rarities and V-Buck prices have yet to be disclosed, though it is expected that they’ll be revealed in the coming weeks.

Update V5.0 tidbits

Meanwhile, patch notes for update V5.0 have been rolled out and it featured some interesting changes.

It also introduced a new vehicle for battle royale known as the All-Terrain Kart (ATK). Per the new game tweak, the new vehicle has more room for folks who prefer playing in squads. Players can also do drifts with this bad boy as it will give a speed boost to the vehicle. Its roof will also be useful to “Fortnite” fans as it can also serve as a bounce pad.

Changes within the map have been pretty much expected, News AU noted, and the new patch revealed the desert as its new biome. A couple of new locations were also introduced: Paradise Palms and Lazy Links. It was also indicated that there were also a few unnamed POIs that were added into the map.

Weapon tweaks were also included in the latest patch. The number of Shotgun pellets that hit the opponent will now be indicated as it is now visible within the reticle. Heavy Shotguns will now fire 10 pellets instead of five and its maximum damage remains the same. The Hunting Rifle, on the other hand, will have a reduced aim assist while aiming. Epic Games also made some changes to the Suppressed SMG’s damage drop-off profile to be the same as other SMGs.