"Fortnite Battle Royale" players are currently in the third week of season 5. So far, Epic Games has released three different updates for the game in the season, and another update is expected to be released this week. This will be 5.10 content update, and it could bring one of the leaked weapons to the game. Additionally, players will receive a new set of weekly challenges on Thursday, and these challenges have already been revealed.

Just as has been the case with the previous challenges in season 5, there will be seven challenges in total. Three of these will be available to every player, while all the challenges will be shown for Battle Pass users only.

Additionally, three challenges will be classified as hard and will reward players with 10 Battle Stars. Let's see what's waiting for "Fortnite Battle Royale" players in week 4!

Free challenges

The first free challenge will require players to build 250 structures. This shouldn't be hard considering that building is one of the most important aspects of "Fortnite Battle Royale."

The second challenge in this category will be about "Fortnite" vehicles. Players will have to jump through five different flaming hoops with a shopping cart or an all-terrain kart to earn five Battle Stars and complete the task.

Finally, the hard challenge in the free set will be about opponent eliminations. In week 4, "Fortnite Battle Royale" players will be tasked with eliminating three opponents in Dusty Divot.

Battle Pass challenges

Battle Pass owners will get four extra challenges, including two hard ones. The first challenge in this category will require players to deal 500 damage with sniper rifles. Considering that these rifles are extremely powerful and that they deal over 187 headshot damage, this challenge shouldn't be hard to complete.

Week 4 will have another chest opening challenge, and this time it will be in Flush Factory. Players will have to open seven chests in this area to successfully complete the task and get the reward.

The Battle Pass category will include two hard challenges which will give two Battle Pass tiers combined. The first challenge will have players search for a secret Battle Star between a gas station, a soccer pitch, and a stunt mount.

This will most likely be somewhere east of Tilted Towers. The final challenge will require "Fortnite" players to get three eliminations with a pistol.

Keep in mind that Epic Games could change some of these challenges before they hit live servers. This hasn't happened many times before, but if the game developer finds an issue with one of the challenges, it will be replaced.