"Fortnite Battle Royale" Season 5 is going to enter its third week next Thursday (July 26), and players can already check the weekly challenges that are waiting for them. Next week will also bring a couple of special challenges that will be released to celebrate the first birthday of "Fortnite." In total, players will be able to get much more XP than usually, and they will also receive some free exclusive cosmetic items.

Just like it has been the case before, Week 3 will have seven different challenges. Battle Pass owners will get all of these challenges, which means they will earn up to five Battle Pass tiers.

On the other side, those who don't own the Season 5 Battle Pass will get three challenges, which equates to two tiers. Let's see what challenges "Fortnite Battle Royale" players will get next Thursday!

Deal damage to passenger vehicle

The first challenge will require players to deal 1,000 damage to vehicles. This includes shopping carts and all-terrain karts that were introduced to the game with the fifth season. Considering that these vehicles can be found in many areas of the island, this challenge should be easy to complete.

Destroy specific targets

For this task, players will have to destroy a few targets that can be located on the in-game island. At the moment, there are no additional details about this challenge, but it is possible that Epic Games will add new objects on the island for this challenge.

Use a Launch Pad

The third challenge will most likely be the easiest one since players will simply need to use a Launch Pad to complete it. Considering that this item has a higher drop rate in the 50v50 limited-time game mode, completing the task should not be a problem for anyone.

Search chests in Fatal Fields

Fatal Fields will be a hot landing spot in the third week as players will have to open seven chests in this area.

Even though this part of the map has plenty of chests, completing this quest won't be easy since many players will be fighting to get to them.

Follow the treasure map in Flush Factory

This will be another easy challenge as players will need to visit a specific location in order to find a Battle Star and pick it up for a free tier.

Explosive eliminations

Next week, completing an entire set of challenges will require players to get three explosive eliminations. Considering that some explosive weapons have been buffed recently, this challenge shouldn't be too hard.

Eliminate Opponents in Haunted Hills

Beside Fatal Fields, Hunted Hills will be another hot spot as this will be the area where players have to get three eliminations to complete the task.