A new special 'Super Smash Bros. Ultimate'-themed controller is coming to the Nintendo Switch. Despite tough competition from Microsoft and Sony, Nintendo has found success with the Nintendo Switch and has been doing well ever since its release. This should work nicely with the live service subscription that's also coming. Nintendo also created the Nintendo Classic HD Edition, which is an upgraded console of the original Nintendo Classic. Many times the console has sold out, but new editions have been made because of the great demand for the system.

The company managed to add brand new games with the console, and also added an HDMI cable to play with modern televisions. However, the big news is that Nintendo Switch owners will be getting the new controllers.

No release date as of now

An article by Comic Book shares that the controllers do not have a release date for now. There is no price point yet either. However, the article states that "those looking to purchase the controllers will be able to preorder them in the coming months and said that GameCube controllers will be available in time for the holiday season." "Super Smash Bros. Ultimate" is set to release for the Switch by December 7, so the controllers could certainly arrive by then.

Many gamers could purchase the controllers with the game when it arrives in December.

Information on the controller

Players will be able to battle it out with these themes controllers quite soon.

A company named PDP will be making the accessory, as they have made other ones in the past. The controllers have some great features too. An article by Polygon gives insight and information about the features of the controller. The controller will be available in blue, red, and yellow to represent Link, Mario, and Pikachu. In addition, the C-stick can be swapped out for different designs for whatever fits the individual.

Some could want to play with the original stick available from the Switch or play with a modern experience of twin-analog sticks.

Each design has the logo that represents the specific character and the controller "is wired by a 10-foot USB cable that ensures you stay connected during crucial moments and...gives you plenty of room to get comfortable." The fact that it's not wireless could seem to be a disadvantage, but the company does not think so. A lot of gamers have enjoyed "Super Smash Bros." and these controllers will bring back nostalgia to Nintendo gamers. The original game launched 17 years ago.