Epic Games has just rolled out “Fortnite’s” patch 5.10 that brought in more tweaks and fixes in the game alongside some new skins and other cosmetics like emotes. While most of the players are checking out the new and returning stuff in the game, the kid who won the hearts of many players by submitting a dance clip to the game’s Boogiedown contest last March is feeling down at the moment due to online bullying.

The boy who’s popularly known in the “Fortnite” battle royale community as the Orange Shirt Kid, recently took to both his Instagram and YouTube accounts to announce that he will be taking a breather from playing the third-person shooter.

‘Hate got to me, I’ll be back soon I guess’

According to his Instagram post, he stated that he’s sad from being called fat and a dead meme adding that he’s “only on here to be hated.” The poor kid went on stating that he tried to have fun, but apparently, he can’t. As mentioned, he also posted a short clip on his YouTube channel bearing a similar message as he wrote, “Taking a break. Hate got to me. I’ll be back soon I guess.”

Sending out some love

A couple of Redditors over on the FortniteBR subreddit came across the messages and posted them on the sub and they ask the community to send some much-needed love to the bullied kid. Fellow Redditors did not fail them as encouraging messages flooded both of Orange Shirt Kid’s Instagram and YouTube accounts.

Even the gaming publication of GamesRadar also sent some love to the young “Fortnite” player.

Fortunately, the community’s show of support eventually paid off as the kid continued his stream. There’s even a point in his recent stream that he can be heard saying, “ignore haters, disregard haters.”

Meanwhile, Epic announced the return of the Remote Explosives in the game.

The developer also announced that the Playground Limited Time Mode will be making a comeback alongside some quality of life improvements. In line with this, the 5.10 patch also introduced the Compact SMG (FN P90) in the game which is currently deemed by a lot of players to be quite overpowered.

As part of “Fortnite’s”first-anniversary event, birthday cakes are now placed across the BR map with a slice of it being consumable.

These slices will grant players additional five points to both their health and shield when consumed. The ongoing event also has three challenges that when completed, players can use to unlock a new emote, spray and a Backbling.