The latest updates for "Street Fighter 5" reveal new character costumes, loot boxes, upgraded survival mode, and more for the "Arcade Edition." Capcom will launch a new patch update for the sequel on June 25, with Metro City's new mayor Cody Travers on the roster. Cody is one of the new fighters joining the revamped sequel, along with Sakura, Blanka, Falke, G, and Sagat. The "Final Fight" alumni will showcase his street brawling style while executing new moves for unique strategies. The new character outfits in the update will feature a collaboration with two of Capcom's hit titles; "Devil May Cry" and "Mega Man."

Loot boxes and revamp Survival Mode in 'Street Fighter 5'

According to VG 24/7, Capcom will be making some changes to Survival Mode in "Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition," after the developers noticed that video game fans are not using it, thus rendering it obsolete.

Players who bought the original "SF5" game were able to play Survival Mode due to the absence of a traditional Arcade Mode. They fight CPU opponents with various difficulty status, and each victory gives a reward to them such as health boost and V-Triggers.

Now, the Japanese publisher looks to revive it by introducing a new feature called "Battle Goods." It is basically the same as the rewards, but it allows players to carry them throughout the whole session. Another feature for Survival is that players can now save their progress and continue later on. When defeated, players can simply spend 1,000 of their Fight Money for a do-over.

Capcom will also add Loot Boxes for the game and players can unlock them by finishing Survival.

They can spend 500 Fight Money for a "Fantasy Fortune Reading" from Menat. The fortune teller will decipher their reading and she will give them a random box. What is inside the box could be new character colors, exclusive costumes, or even special in-game artworks.

'Devil May Cry' and Mega Man' collaboration

According to the Capcom-Unity, the new "Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition" patch will include four alternate character costumes for Ken Masters, Ed, Laura, and Rashid.

The first three outfits are from "Devil May Cry 4," as Ken will wear Dante's signature red coat and garb with his Sword, Rebellion, attached to his back. Ed will wear Nero's outfit, complete with the Devil Bringer and his Devil Trigger avatar. Laura will have the appearance of Gloria, Trish's disguise from the Order of the Sword. Rashid's new costume will be "Mega Man" robot master, Air Man. These costumes can be unlocked by buying them online or by completing certain objectives in Extra Mode.