The latest updates for "Street Fighter 5" will feature leaked details for V-Moves and Critical Art customization and the new playable character Menat added to the roster.

Leaked customizations

It seems that Capcom will release new updates for "Street Fighter 5" soon as video game data miner X-Kira discovered files for character customizations on the V-Moves, V-Trigger, and Critical Arts. The filename is called "ver = 2" and it is speculated that each character will have secondary moves that players can choose freely before the match. This practice is featured in "Street Fighter 3: Third Strike" and "Ultra Street Fighter 4."

X-Kira stated that players can now customize the V-Moves and Critical Arts as they can choose from default, version 2, or a combination of both moves.

These are the changes that gaming fans want to see for the sequel as they are hoping that Capcom can expand the V-System capabilities in order to make new changes to the game's fighting system. The new changes will also give player's a variety of ways to dish out combos against their opponents.

YouTube username Miyuki Chan posted gameplay video showcasing the character customizations from X-Kira's leaked game files.

Menat enters the roster

Capcom announced the mysterious fortune teller Menat as the next playable character in "Street Fighter 5's" DLC Pack 2. Menat is first seen in Ed's character story mode leading to the speculation that she will be added to the sequel as one of its new fighters.

Menat's fighting style revolves around using her crystal sphere for long range attacks. She can also use her sphere to disrupt or reverse the attacks on her opponents. She can cancel her sphere for normal attacks and call it back to create devastating chain combos. Her V-Skill is called "Soul Reflect - Kamal," which allows the latter to absorb the opponent's projectile attack and sends it right back them.

Menat can also use to it to increase her gauge meter and launch opponents up in the air for extended combos.

The "Wisdom of Thoth is the fortune teller's V-Trigger that allows her to summon six spheres and each of them is linked to her normal attacks. This gives her extra damage when players decide to use combo attacks.

Menat's Critical Art is called "The Nefertem" as she sends her crystal sphere to bind her soul power with her opponent to create a devastating blow. The new character is available in the sequel's season pass for $29.99 and players will have access to two of her alternate outfits in the game.