The latest updates for "Street Fighter 5" reveal the newest DLC character added to its growing roster. Capcom streamed a new character gameplay trailer for "Final Fight" alumni Cody Travers during the Combo Breaker 2018. Cody will join fellow Season 3 characters Sakura, Blanka, and Falke, as he will showcase his intense brawling and street's smarts. The Japanese publisher will launch Cody in the sequel in June for the PS4 and PC platforms.

"Tekken" producer Katsuhiro Harada also gives an update on the second crossover project, "Tekken X Street Fighter" during his interview with video game news site TekkenGamer.

Meet the new mayor of Metro City

Cody Travers made his debut in "Final Fight" alongside Zeku's student, Guy, as they defended Metro City from the Mad Gear gang. Not content with peacetime, Cody often starts fights or getting involved in conflicts that led to him being in and out of prison, usually volunteering to do. He is featured as a playable character in "Street Fighter Alpha 3" and in the fourth the sequel.

In "Street Fighter 5" lore, Cody has been exonerated by Metro City mayor Mike Hagger and offered him his position to run the city. Although visibly annoyed by the workload, the latter secretly enjoys his job as mayor but that does not stop him from getting his hands dirty to solve the city's problems.

Cody, in the sequel, still uses the same street fighting style from the previous titles, but altered to fit his new image. He can use Tornado Sweep as a projectile similar to the Hadouken, and still has the Ruffian kick and Zoink knuckle to add extra damage.

The latter's V-Skill is called Double Kick, which allows him to jump and deliver two pairs of kicks in the air.

This is one of Cody's signature moves in "Final Fight" games. Cody's first V-trigger is called Sidearm and it allows him to use his signature knife in battle. Cody's range and damage have been increased, and he can throw the knife at his opponent.

Dirty Coach is Cody's second V-Trigger and it featured him using his signature pipe as a weapon.

Just like Sidearm, his attack damage and range have been increased, but at a slower pace. He can smack his opponents in the air like a baseball player. His critical art is called Criminal Punisher, wherein he unleashes a Power Tornado uppercut sending his opponents flying. Cody will be available in the sequel on June 26 with four alternate costumes which include Mike Hagger's wrestling outfit, a white tuxedo, his prisoner suit, and his original "Final Fight" outfit.

'Tekken X Street Fighter' update

According to Katsuhiro Harada, the development of "Tekken X Street Fighter" is still on hold but he is optimistic that they will go back to work on the crossover game very soon. "[Tekken X Street Fighter] is still on hold part-way through development," Harada said. "Even now, one can get quite excited when seeing some of the schedules and some of the character models that were already created."