Apparently, Thanos was too powerful, so the studio made the decision to make some changes, which would later give the players some advantage in the game. However, facing this mighty giant continues to be something dangerous for gamers. So don't rely on these improvements. Epic Games has launched a patch, decreasing some of his powers. But despite this, it is a challenge to face this extraordinary villain.

Thanos and his decreasing powers

Shortly after the temporary event was staged, there was no need to wait for comments from "Fortnite" fans. Apparently, the villain of "Avengers: Infinity War" was too powerful to defeat, so they had to develop some changes.

One of the important changes that have been made on the villain’s superpowers is that his shield capacity has dropped from 300 to 200. Not to mention that the lightning bolts of the Infinity Gauntlet have gone from 15 to 12. These changes are of vital importance to those who face it.

But it turns out that they couldn't just apply negative changes to Thanos, as they would imply favoritism toward the fans of the game. So they increased his maximum health from 700 to 800, so he's still a danger to anyone who faces the villain of "Infinity War." All these changes were made thanks to the comments of the fans since Epic is aware of all feedback from the fans in order to make the necessary improvements.

An important piece of information for the game

If you have not yet participated in this temporary event, I have an important piece of information that I can provide so that you can solve the enigma of the Infinity Gauntlet, which will be very helpful for the time when you decide to participate on the game. In this temporary event, the Infinity Gauntlet mode will help you turn into Thanos, through a meteor you will know where to find the Infinity Gauntlet.

And when you find it, you can become the mighty villain. Once you’re transformed you can eliminate your opponents with big, fulminating attacks.

Although you still can't eliminate all your opponents at once, you must be careful to not lose this artifact. Because if this happens, another player can use it and you'll be exposed to the other players, and the other player can take the victory of the game.

Hoping that you will soon be an active participant in the temporary event, it only remains to wish you good luck in dealing with a powerful villain like Thanos. And after reading these tips there's no doubt that you'll get right into the game and win it.