Chapter 122 of the successful “Dragon Ball Super” series was already premiered last Saturday (Jan. 6), and after that, there have arisen many hypotheses about how the next and final chapters will be regarding the plot of the Tournament of Power. Taking into account the titles and synopsis of the next chapters, there have been countless theories about how these episodes will develop.

Analysis of chapter 122

Episode 122 of "Dragon Ball Super" wasn’t only very good for the content of the episode, but it was also very important since we watched a new ending in which we could clearly appreciate Goku in the Ultra Instinct form along with Vegeta, who’s in the Super Saiyan Blue form.

We will emphasize this since it’s not just any ssj Blue transformation, we can clearly appreciate that Vegeta presents larger and bluer pupils than normal. Besides, if we look a little more closely, we can see that the Goku’s pupils in Ultra Instinct are very similar to Vegeta’s. The only difference is the color (Goku’s pupils with a silver-tone and Vegeta's pupils with a strong blue).

Vegeta’s power

This definitely was great news shortly after the episode concluded, the people in the community rapidly started to create their theories about whether Vegeta will obtain a new power, if he will attain the Super Saiyan Full Power, and even if he would be able to mix the Ultra Instinct technique with the Super Saiyan Blue.

As I mentioned, many theories were revealed after the ending of Episode 122 of "Dragon Ball Super" and I'm going to show you my theory up next.

Many people started to say that Vegeta was giving hints of developing the Ultra Instinct since in one of the scenes of Episode 122, the Saiyan Prince dodges Jiren's swift attacks somewhat similarly to the Ultra Instinct.

This can be explained easily, it’s not that Vegeta was giving his first step to the Ultra Instinct, because if we all remember, Vegeta watched how Jiren made the same attack to Goku before, so this is one of the characteristics of Vegeta that I mentioned before. Knowing his opponents and adapting to the circumstances of combat, those are the reasons why Vegeta was able to predict that attack from “The Gray,” resulting in an effective dodge and into a resounding blow to Jiren’s stomach, is far from the fact that Vegeta had shown a small hint of the Ultra Instinct.

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