The new "Fortnite: Battle Royale" mode was released in the newest patch. In this new mode, players can grab the Infinity Gauntlet and smash and rampage their way to number one, all while using unique abilities available to Thanos. It's still a battle royal, with 100 players all going against each other, but players have the choice of either stabbing each other in the back or working together to stop Thanos. Of course, the last player standing still wins, so it's still a race to be the best.

Thanos' abilities in this new mode fit the Mad Titan perfectly

When the Infinity Gauntlet crashes down in the form of a meteor, the first player to grab it and equip it becomes Thanos, the Mad Titan. While playing as the Mad Titan, players are unable to build or use weapons or launch pads. They are wielding the gauntlet after all. Instead, Thanos gets four abilities:

Ability 1 - A punch that sends enemies flying back and destroys structures

Ability 2 - Slamming into the ground and causing knockback damage in an area

Ability 3 - Using the Power stone to create a blast that causes damage over time

Ability 4 - A super-vault that can send Thanos flying over all but the tallest of buildings in a single bound

In addition, Thanos doesn't take fall damage and gets shields and 700 health.

With every player elimination he gets, his shields regenerate but not his health. When he is eliminated, he drops the gauntlet and another player can take over, playing as the Mad Titan. To make it easier for players to join together, Thanos' location is marked on the map.

'Fortnite' players who aren't Thanos also get some perks

Since only one player at time can be Thanos, this mode gives bonuses to other players as well. Only Rare, Epic, and Legendary weapons will spawn, and the chances of a treasure chest spawning jump from 50-70 percent to 80-90 percent. Ammo boxes will spawn 85-95 percent of the time, and Floor Loot spawns nearly 100 percent of the time.

Harvesting resources doubles and those found from loot jump from 30-60 percent.

Other item spawn rates have also increased to help players take down Thanos and each other. Chug Jugs, Port-A-Forts, Boogie Bombs, Slurp Juice, Bushes, and Remote Explosives all have increased drop rates. All of these items help players replenish health or give shields so they can have a better chance of standing against Thanos.

Of course, since this is still "Fortnite: Battle Royale," it's up to players to decide if they want to try and 1v1 Thanos themselves or form their own Avengers team to take him down.