The popular open survival video game “Conan Exiles” has finally left its early access program. The game has made an impressive performance, having sold over one million copies in just 14 months. And this month, it’s about to enter the gaming world.

As mentioned earlier by PC Gamer, the open-world survival game is about to launch complete with new important updates. The survival game has doubled in size, added some new contents and features. The full game release version has added the Volcano, Swamp biomes, along with the much-talked feature, The Purge.

Conan Exiles” has officially released for all gaming platforms (PC, PS4, and Xbox One) on May 8, 2018.

Funcom experiences some server issues

Earlier this week, developer Funcom launched "Conan Exiles" with full PvP and PvE Conflict servers. But after it received an overwhelming demand for official PvP servers, the developer has decided to make some big changes. Funcom has decided to convert Conflict servers to full PvP. However, the move has caused some stir in the gaming community. Fortunately, Funcom has managed to make some explanation about its recent missteps and has announced plans to bring back the Conflict servers. The company said that new servers will arrive, first in Europe, the United States and finally, Russia.

However, the company has not yet made any official or specific information about when to launch the new servers. But it provided some hints that the new servers will arrive before the weekend.

'Conan Exiles' to get a huge boost from tech giant Nvidia

In other gaming news, "Conan Exiles" is about to receive a huge boost, courtesy of tech giant Nvidia.

It’s huge news for Nvidia GeForce owners. Nvidia has just announced its latest update, the GeForce 397.64 WHQL driver.

The latest update will provide Game Ready Driver support for “Destiny 2,” “Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire,” and “Conan Exiles.” Of the three games mentioned, “Conan Exiles” will benefit the most from the driver’s performance optimization.

The open world survival game has been doing well since its early access release last year, and with the latest driver release, the game could even perform much better.

Players can learn more about this latest driver update by visiting Nvidia’s official website. The GeForce 397.64 WHQL driver can now be download directly from Nvidia, by selecting auto-update through GeForce Experience.