"Fortnite's" V4.1 patch will officially introduce Marvel's Thanos in a limited time mashup. As the game continues to dominate the battle royale scene with a constant influx of updates, leaksters are a few steps ahead in spilling out what's next in the third-person shooter.

Quite a number of "Fornite" faithfuls have stumbled upon a Reddit post over a week ago from u/internetadam as it tackled the events that will happen in Season 4. He even made a promise back then to reveal some tidbits about Season 5 before his Reddit account went off. It looks like the dude kept his promise as he returned with some news about the game's next season.

Tilted destroyed in season 5? Musty Museum?

If the Redditor's recent posts are anything to go by, he claims that the infamous Tilted Towers will be finally destroyed in Season 5. He added that a new location is under the pipeline and is likely to be dubbed Musty Museum.

Per u/internetadam's previous Reddit post, he stated that the map will be tweaked on a weekly basis beginning Season 4. He further explained that Epic Games feels that they had a wasted opportunity with Tilted getting blown up all at once. The Redditor went on stating that the game maker is planning on putting up more structures every week on that part of the map. In line with this, Adam also stated that Moisty Mire will be gone by the end of the current season.

Season 5's release date?

He made another post a few days ago and revealed more interesting intel about "Fortnite's" fifth season.

According to his post, he stated that a new map will be introduced in the game on June 15. He made it clear though that the upcoming contents will just be an extension as it will go alongside some old areas of the battle royale map. He's even keeping his fingers crossed that Epic won't see his post as the developer might change the date of its release.

Someone from the FortniteBR community asked him about the game's private matches. He responded, stating that such a game mode may still have a long way to go due to some minor issues, though he claims that this might be rolled out in June as well.

Adam also revealed in some of his tweets that his previous username (u/internetadam) got banned on the abovementioned subreddit. Also, it looks like he's from Epic as one of his posts stated that he got fired.

Albeit being plausible, such leaks are still to be taken with pinches of salt. Check out a video about "Fortnite" here: