The latest updates for the "Resident Evil 2" remake reveal the possible release date window and gameplay details of the project. Capcom announced that they are releasing two major video game titles before March 2019, leading to the fan speculation that "RE2" remake will be available for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles. There are also rumors that the remake will have a different gameplay system from the original after someone posted details on 4Chan claiming that Capcom will follow the format. The Japanese video game publisher announced the remake back in 2015, but they have not released any official updates for the video game fans since then.

Will 2019 release date happen?

According to video game analyst Daniel Ahmad, Capcom will be developing two new major titles that are scheduled to launch before March 2019. While the company did not reveal which titles are they working on, several video game fans online speculated that it could be the "Resident Evil 2" remake and "Devil May Cry 5." Capcom wants to outdo its sales success this year from previous major video game titles such as "Monster Hunter: World," "Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite," "Resident Evil 7," "Revelations 1," Revelations 2," and "Street Fighter 5."

Fans have been waiting for a new update on the status of the "RE 2" remake and so far there are no official announcements yet from the Japanese publisher.

For now, "RE 7" remains the most successful in the series due to its revamped gameplay and horror factor, sending it back to its original roots as a survival-horror title rather than the standard action-based shooter practice from previous titles.

New gameplay details leaked

According to the 4Chan post (via Gamerant), the remake will adopt the over the shoulder perspective featured in "RE 4" rather than the classic clunky controls from the original.

The remake will also feature some of the classic moments from the original with the exception of the giant mutated crocodile in the sewers.

There will be several hidden items scattered around Raccoon City, especially inside the RPD. DLC will also come into play as players will receive bonus items such as alternate outfits and post-launch stories.

The original game focused on Claire Redfield and Leon S. Kennedy escaping Raccoon City after the biological outbreak contaminated the population and turned them into zombies. They will also have to contend with the G-Virus mutant, William Birkin, who stalks his daughter, Sheryl.