Greetings dear fellow lovers of each of the anime articles I post daily so that you can have the best information. This time I'll talk a little bit about a theory of what could happen in the next episode of "Dragon Ball Super." As many fans already know, according to some recent information there are only two episodes left until the end of this saga. This is something that's got us all a little gloomy since apparently there will be no more on this franchise until December when the premiere of a new movie is expected. And maybe you’ve noticed on Episode 129 and on the preview of Episode 130, that I didn’t have any information about Frieza.

Therefore, this time I'll be talking about a possible theory on Emperor Frieza's return. Most of the information I will present to you comes from an article written by Otakukart.

The return of the Evil Emperor

There is no doubt that the Tournament of Power is about to end. This amazing saga has given us so many emotions. And as the final episodes are coming, the more interesting and intriguing it becomes. This has led to the appearance of many theories, some of which seem to have been true and others not.

Definitely, we all witnessed how the great Frieza gave everything he had to try to defeat Jiren. But his power wasn’t enough to make it, so he ended up standing aside during the tournament as if he'd been eliminated.

Although, it has also been determined that he wasn’t eliminated since he hasn’t shown up in the bleachers where the other warriors who have been left out of the tournament are.

Episode 131

As we mentioned before, we all know that the series is going to end with Episode 131. So, probably in the next episode, there’s a chance of seeing Frieza in the great Tournament of Power.

For the time it has taken him to show up, we might think that perhaps he’s been hiding to fully recover his energy. This is because according to the tournament rules, they are not allowed any external method or some kind of help to heal quickly, like eating Senzu beans (or hermit beans as it is known).

As there are only a couple of episodes left for this great event to come to an end, it’s said that perhaps for Episode 130, Frieza may return.

As we saw during the preview of the episode, Jiren and Goku are having a great battle, both with their powers at a higher level than the Gods. This could be a good opportunity for the Evil Emperor to make an attack with his maximum power in order to try to get Jiren off the battlefield and to make Universe 7 the winner.

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