The latest updates for the "Spider-Man" PS4 video game reveal a new trailer featuring two Spidey suits from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The Spidey will have three pre-ordered DLC costumes for Peter Parker and players can access them during the course of the whole game. Players have already seen the Iron Spider suit making its way to the DLC list, however, the announcement trailer featured a possible third costume which is the homemade suit from the "Spider-Man: Homecoming" movie.

The plot of the "Spidey" video game will feature Peter trying to balance being a superhero and having a normal life, but a new enemy emerges in the form of Martin Li a.k.a.

Mister Negative.

The homemade suit teased

As seen on the trailer, the homemade suit makes its debut into the "Spider-Man" PS4 video game as Peter tries to decide which suit he will wear during his patrol of the city. This suit was worn by Tom Holland's Spider-Man during his early days as a local crime fighter before Tony Stark found out about him.

Tony tracked Peter down to his house in Queens and offered him to join his team during the events of "Captain America: Civil War." He also created Peter's new Spidey suit after examining his homemade outfit with the latest Stark technology's equipment.

Peter wore the homemade suit again to stop the Vulture from stealing the Stark cargo plane from Avengers Tower.

So far, Insomniac Games has not made any comments regarding the homemade suit being a pre-order DLC. Spider-Punk and the Iron Spider outfits have already been added to the DLC list and the third one will be revealed in June.

In addition, Peter will also have his classic Spider-Man and the Noir suits in the game. Comic book and Marvel fans are hoping to see more outfits such as the Black symbiote suit, Scarlet Spider, 2099, Future Foundation, and more.

What do we know so far?

The "Spider-Man" game will have players swing through New York as the wall-crawler as he stops Mister Negative and his gang from terrorizing the city. Players will fight crime using a variety of web-based gadgets and unorthodox fighting style. They can use the web gadgets to ensnare or trap opponents when they are doing stealth.

Spidey can use the environment as a weapon when overwhelmed with enemies.

Players can also assume the role of Mary Jane Watson as she becomes an investigative reporter for the Daily Bugle. She can shoot photos of criminal evidence and sneak around corners. There are also side quests in the game featuring villains such as Shocker, Taskmaster, and Black Cat.