The latest updates for the new 'Spider-Man' PS4 video game reveal the second DLC costume for the web-slinger and more details on its combat system. Twitter username Kulturpat posted a leaked teaser video of the new Spidey suit and it will be the Iron Spider suit from the upcoming Marvel film, "Avengers: Infinity War." Insomniac Games told Game Informer from a previous interview that they will add more costumes for Spider-Man in the game whether it be in the comics, movies, or even their other original designs.

Insomniac Games also talked about the development of the combat system as they explain each detail about its fluidity, combo, and the use of the environment.

Iron Spider confirmed

Peter Parker will wear the Iron Spider suit during the events of "Avengers: Infinity War" as Earth's Mightiest Heroes will fight Thanos and his forces to prevent him from completing the Infinity Stones. The suit was designed and created by Tony Stark, and it was intended to be an invitation for Peter to join the Avengers at the end of "Spider-Man: Homecoming" movie.

While Kulturpat's tweeted video was shut down, comic book and video game fans were able to see the Iron Spider costume from various screenshots and YouTube videos. It is also the second pre-order DLC costume for the game alongside Spider-Punk and the third outfit will be revealed in July. There are also two additional outfits that will be featured in the game: the classic Spidey suit and the Noir suit.

Marvel fans are hoping that Insomniac Games will add more costumes from the famed symbiote and Scarlet Spider costumes to the more unique like 2099 and Spider-UK.

Combat System preview

Creative director Bryan Intihar told Game Informer that Spidey's melee attacks in the game are the foundation of what could be the most dynamic and fluid combat system ever produced.

Spider-Man will use his acrobatic capabilities to maneuver around his foes, and when combined with his gadgets and web projectiles, it makes him unstoppable.

Spidey can also use the environment to his advantage as he can use the walls or construction materials to take down hordes of enemies. Unlike the "Batman: Arkham" games, Insomniac intends to avoid the rush combo system and instead, they focused on environments to give players a chance to be creative.

Players will also have three sets of web-based gadgets such as the Tripwire, the Web bomb, and the pre-order Spider-drone.