The news about a "Pokemon" RPG has been confirmed in the past, but we're sure that many fans are wondering what the game would be like. Fans have been theorizing that the game could be a remake, rather than a new one, but, according to Spain's Official Nintendo Magazine, the game would be the first one to have the 8th Generation Pokemon.


Even after the previous theory of the upcoming "Pokemon" main series game having its title as "Pokemon 1 and Pokemon 0" was debunked, some gamers still believed that the next game would take place in Kanto if not a complete reboot.

The theory was not denied by Nintendo, but this news seems to have demystified the plot of the next game as well because it is hard for the game to go back to its roots with a new generation.

Below is the translation of the blurb published in the Nintendo exclusive side of Spain's Nintendo Magazine.

"After a lifetime of the canon series being associated with portable consoles, the 8th Generation of Pokemon will be making the leap. Game Freak and The Pokemon Company are working on new mechanics to rework the saga. 2018 or later release."

We can expect a whole new experience from the upcoming "Pokemon" game.

It could be an upgrade in graphics capabilities of the game that fans always wanted or we can see a change in the battle system to something like "Final Fantasy" or "Ni No Kuni."

"Pokemon" on Switch currently does not have a title, although, we can expect more details to be dropped at E3 this summer.

Zeraora - The new Pokemon in the upcoming movie

A few days ago, "Pokemon" released a new trailer for the movie "Pokemon: Minna No Monogatari" which gave fans the first look at Zeraora. The big news is that Zeaora will be made available to all the players somewhere around the time when the new movie comes out.

Zeaora is an Electric-type Pokemon of Thunderclap species.

It is a genderless Pokemon with "Volt Absorb" ability and mainly uses its claws for attacking as mentioned in its official Pokedex entry.

According to Serebii, the specific date for the release of this mythical Pokemon is unknown, but The Pokémon Company will announce it after the movie’s release in July.

Aside from everything, the upcoming movie has a solid voice cast which includes Masako Nowaza who will voice Hisui (The old lady) in the movie. Nowaza is known for voice acting for both Goku and Gohan in "Dragon Ball" along with numerous other anime.

The new movie will come out in Japan in July 2018.