"Fortnite's" update V3.5 is already several days old and players of the game have mixed opinions about the new weapon changes that were introduced in the new patch. That said, Epic Games hinted that they could also be making some slight changes in the third-person shooter's hit registry.

Epic on the game's hit reg

Someone from the FortniteBR subreddit recently posted a short clip of his gameplay where his character deagled another player in the head. However, the expected critical never came as it can be observed that the other player is chugging down a shield potion.

Other members of the subreddit pointed out that the hand somewhat blocked the supposed headshot and therefore it was only counted as a body shot. Some even commented that this also occurs in some emotes adding that other players use it to their advantage. The OP even posted a screenshot of that moment proving that he didn't miss or doesn't have first shot accuracy.

Epic, on the other hand, took notice of the post. According to the developer, such outcome is to be expected within the game because of the moment. However, the game maker revealed that they have lately tested some hit registry tweaks where a critical hit will always count even if body parts are in the way. They made it clear though that this will definitely not mean that players can go shoot their opponents from below just to deal a critical hit through their lower extremities (torso, legs, etc.).

That said, "Fortnite" players seem to be ok with the current hit reg as some of them suggest to retain its current state. Nevertheless, there are others stating that players might feel cheated as there is no way that both players would know exactly why the shot didn't count as a headshot, when in fact it landed where it's supposed to be.

One even commented that a hand wouldn't be great at stopping a sniper bullet in its tracks.

Meteor showers spotted

Meanwhile, "Fortnite" faithfuls are beginning to notice meteor showers while playing the game. This further fuels the meteor/comet theory that is believed to hit a famous are within the map in which a lot of fans presume to be the Tilted Towers.

In line with this, recently datamined files also suggest of a yet to be announced limited time mode known as "Impact" alongside other events dubbed as "Playground" and "SolidGold." Be reminded though that these mentioned LTMs are subject to change in future updates. Check out a video about the game here: