The latest updates for "Overwatch" reveal a new game Mode for competitive players during its latest patch update. Game developer Scott Mercer announced on the official forum website (via Gamerant) that it will be a 6-on-6 elimination mode and it will give players a chance to improve their skills against one another using different heroes for each round.

This will give fans something to enjoy while Blizzard Entertainment will be busy developing a new map for PTR and cross-save features for the consoles and PC versions. Reddit username Karahe claims that the developers are making some changes to the Temple of Anubis map, and teased a new lore focusing on Ana and Pharah.

Team elimination mode

According to Scott Mercer, the new elimination mode will be added to "Overwatch's" arcade for a limited time. Players can join the new game mode until May 7. The elimination mode will have a special "lockout" rule where players cannot use the same hero twice in the next round. All elimination maps are available in the game mode and Blizzard added a new map called Ayutthaya.

For now, "Overwatch" players are enjoying their time the "Retribution" event featuring a new in-game story focusing on Blackwatch members, McCree, Genji, Moria, and Gabriel Reyes. Players can also relive Tracer's first mission in King's Row as "Uprising" which will be available at the Archives.

Twitch also announced new character skin in "Overwatch" for players who have the All Access Pass for the league.

While there are skins that are based on each "Overwatch League" teams, what set them apart is their "away" colors instead of "home" colors.

The away colors will also be white, while the home colors are used as accents. Access pass holders will also get special badges and emotes, exclusive chatrooms, backstage interviews, and behind-the-scenes footages.

A new story coming soon?

According to Karahe, Blizzard Entertainment is making minor changes to the Temple of Anubis map, suggesting that they are making a new lore based on Ana and Pharah Amari. Both characters are from Egypt as Pharah are members of the Helix Security International, whileAna is a wanted vigilante who goes by the name Shriek.

Twitter username @dendograptus wants to see the two reunite and have an awkward mother-daughter bonding similar to the comics and fan fiction.

Blizzard Entertainment already established several character-based cinematic from heroes like Tracer, Soldier: 76, and Mei to villains like Sombra, Doomfist, and Widowmaker. Fans are hoping that the developers will showcase a new cinematic for Ana and Pharah soon.