The latest updates for the "Spider-Man" PS4 game reveal new details for Peter Parker and Herman Schultz a.k.a. The Shocker. Game developer Insomniac Games told Game Informer that the plot will focus more on Spider-Man's personal life as he balances being a hero and a responsible adult. Peter will face a new threat in the form of Martin Li along with other classic villains such as Wilson Fisk, Taskmaster, Black Cat, and more.

The Telegraph also revealed a new in-game image of Shocker featuring a new outfit and vibration gauntlets. Art director Jacinda Chew explained the changes she has made to the villain and how he will present a challenge to the web-slinger.

Peter Parker's life

According to Insomniac Games, the game will start off with Spider-Man finally capturing the Kingpin, but his work is not done. Peter here, is much older and wiser when it comes to crime-fighting. He tries to balance being a superhero and doing "normal" activities such as relationship commitments and having a day job.

Peter is currently working as a scientist at an unknown company as Insomniac Games failed to mention the name. Some Marvel fans think that he works at Stark Industries, while others speculate it could be Horizon Labs or Oscorp.

The game will also feature subtle changes in appearance to show a passage of time and the citizens of New York will hail Spider-Man as a hero or criticize him as a public menace.

The game publisher added that Miles Morales will not be wearing a suit in the story as it is all about Peter.

A new change for Shocker

According to Jacinda Chew, Shocker's new look was based on how actors Bookem Woodbine and Logan Marshall-Green's portrayal of the villain in "Spider-Man: Homecoming, " and his suit will provide some functionality in the game.

"We tried to make it more functional, which is why we armoured him up, "Chew told The Telegraph. " We kept the yellow and the red and the quilted fabric, but we wanted to modernize it.

Video game fans compared Shocker's look with that Firefly from the "Batman: Arkham" game series. The latter was seen fighting Spider-Man inside a bank vault, punching him through a brick wall using his new gauntlets.

So far, the "Spider-Man" PS4 title will have a unique combat system that will allow players to use the environment around them. Players can use and upgrade web-based gadgets, and unlock new abilities using a crafting system. The game will also feature side-quests involving villains like Taskmaster and Balck Cat.

New costumes can be unlocked throughout the game and give Spidey some enhanced abilities depending on the outfit he is wearing. The costumes that were featured so far are the Spider-Punk, Noir, Iron Spider, and the classic Spidey suit.