"Fortnite Battle Royale" Season 3 ends in three days, and the game developer will most likely release another season shortly after. While many players believed that the next season would be alien-themed, recent teaser and leaks indicate that it would be centered around superheroes! Season 4 will most likely be the greatest season so far as there is so much hype surrounding it and the player base has never been bigger.

On April 26, Epic Games posted an image trailer for Season 4 of "Fortnite Battle Royale," showing a superhero and a meteor. This confirmed the theory Reddit user internetadam had, and it turns out that the redditor may have been right as he leaked some more details a few days before the game developer revealed the Season 4 theme.

Superhero vs. Supervillain

Redditor internetadam leaked Season 4 details on the popular forum, but they refused to name their source. The user wrote that the new season would be superhero-themed, and that one skin will be a superhero type, while the other one will be a supervillain. It is unknown whether or not players will be able to pick their side, which would definitely be a great addition to the game.

Considering that Season 3 had many more skins and cosmetic items than Season 2, we can expect the game developer to release even more rewards for the upcoming season. Once again, players will get some rewards without even buying the Battle Pass, but one change that might happen is the Battle Pass price.

Epic Games considered changing the Battle Pass price from 950 V-Bucks to $10 for Season 3, but decided not to do it. However, we can expect this change to happen in Season 4 and the Battle Pass will most likely be a unique microtransaction. The game developer introduced the "Fortnite Battle Royale Starter Pack" which cannot be bought with V-Bucks, and this may have been an introduction to the new price of the Battle Pass.

Meteor to hit...Dusty Depot!

The redditor claims that a meteor is going to hit Dusty Depot, not Tilted Towers or Lucky Landing as the previous theories have suggested. Considering that this area has remained unchanged ever since the game was released, it makes sense that a meteor hits it and changes it.

The user also wrote that the in-game map would be changing much more frequently than before.

This is something that Eric Williamson of Epic Games talked about recently, so this leak will probably turn out to be true. The meteor is already hitting some places on the map, and it won't be surprising if it causes permanent damage.