Bungie has rolled out another installment of their "This Week at Bungie" community blog post as it contained a hefty sum of intel about "Destiny 2's" next downloadable content - "warmind" and it's Season 3. There are players though that expressed their concerns and simple requests over on the game's subreddit as the developers responded to these suggestions.

A quadriplegic's request

As mentioned, someone from the "Destiny" subreddit made a simple request to Bungie about putting up a toggle aim option in the online-only shooter. Per the fan (u/alwayskag), he is a quadriplegic and cannot use his fingers.

The said feature will eventually allow him to simply tap the aim button and this won't aim out until he taps it again or when he sprints. A similar request was also posted on the same subreddit as the OP pointed out a separate sensitivity slider for aiming down sights be added to the game.

Bungie's Community Manager – Cozmo (@Cozmo23) responded on a positive note regarding this request. He agreed to have this feature added in "Destiny 2" adding that he'll be passing it on the dev team. The community then commended Cozmo for taking the time to respond to a physically challenged fan's request.

More features to come

Meanwhile, it may well seem that some of the long-requested features will be finally included in the upcoming "Warmind" expansion. If these videos are anything to go by, the "Destiny 2" player base will finally be allowed to do the following:

  • Deleting items from the Postmaster
  • A new menu option that will hold quests such as "On the Comms" and
  • Dismantle directly from the vault

These were brought up by u/Coohippo over on the same subreddit as Bungie took notice of the said post.

Dmg04 made a funny response about the first feature as if he's talking to Kadi 55-30 advising the vendor/Postmaster to prep up for the upcoming feature. Another staff from Bungie who goes by the moniker FineLemming also confirmed that "Destiny 2" players will be able to dismantle directly from their vaults.

However, the devs have yet to confirm if the second feature will also arrive alongside the upcoming DLC.

The Redditor pointed out though on MoreConsole's recent YouTube video that there was a fourth menu under "Shaders" that he claims to be called "Pursuits." The OP also believes that this is where the quests will be kept adding that weapons such as MIDA and the Rat King could be placed there as well.

"Destiny's 2's" "Warmind" expansion will be out May 8. In the meantime, check out a video about the game below: