"Fortnite Battle Royale" players have been expecting a meteor to hit the ground for a few weeks. There are a lot of hints that indicate this could happen, but Epic Games, the game developer, hasn't revealed anything about it. Instead, the developers have added even more hints to the game data. Some of these hints are visible in the game, while some of them can only be accessed through data mining.

Recent data mining efforts revealed that a meteor will be hitting soon, and it could happen within a few days. There are numerous theories regarding the potential Meteor Impact, and players have been wrong about April 1 or April 18.

However, the new theories suggest that the meteor could hit the ground right after "Fortnite Battle Royale" season 3 ends, which is in just a few days.

Game files reveal interesting details

Patch 3.6 for "Fortnite" was released on Tuesday and it brought some interesting new files to the game. Some of these files are about the meteor, and the game developer even added sounds for a potential impact. Game files, such as Meteor_BreakOpen_01.uasset, Meteor_Distant_Explosion_01.uasset, indicate that a meteor will definitely hit the ground in the game, but it's unknown when or where.

While many players believe that the meteor will hit Tilted Towers, some players disagree and think that Lucky Landing will be the target.

In addition, players theorize that the meteor could bring an alien spaceship that could introduce us to an alien-themed season 4 of "Fortnite Battle Royale." The spaceship would land in the southern area of the game, which is why it has "Landing" in its name.

Big map change or new game mode?

It is unknown whether the meteor impact would be a permanent change on the map or if it would only be used in a limited-time game mode.

Some of the latest data mined files suggest that the meteor could be a part of "Carmine" game mode, as this mode's folder contains another folder called "MeteorDrop."

On the other side, Eric Williamson of Epic Games recently revealed that the development team plans to focus on the current in-game map and bring "fresh" content to it, so this could be one of the upcoming changes.

After all, Lucky Landing is a Chinese-themed area, and the game was recently released in this country. It won't be surprising if the developer decides to make a big change to this part of the map, and it would be really amazing if they do it as an introduction to the new season!